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Cover: The Siege of Walter Parks
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It has been called "the greatest debut novel this authour has ever written"...

Walter Parks's life has fallen apart. Until a few days ago, he had it all—a beautiful wife, baby girl, home in the suburbs and a not-so-beautiful, but reasonably well paid job as a pencil pusher at a pen company. Then Walter learned how quickly "having it all" can turn into "losing it all". So, when the bank decided to foreclose on his home, Walter Parks decided to simply say "no". Well, say "no" and turn his home into a fortified castle not seen since the days codpieces were considered sensible outerwear. Thus begins the ever-escalating war that is, the Siege of Walter Parks. In this post-modern comedy of errors, some grammatical, one man shows that an act of short-sighted idiocy may be the only reasonable response to an irrational world.

"That's nice." - the author's wife

"Possibly the greatest book we've never read, but probably not."
- Antarctic Book Review

"The non-stop roller-coaster ride of the summer"
- WKKZ Movie Reviews


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